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USHINDI is back, TSHIBANGU and MASENGO in the infirmary


USHINDI is back, TSHIBANGU and MASENGO in the infirmary

March 4, 2021

Ravens have put their foot in the stirrup to better prepare for the fixture against Mamelodi Sundowns. On Tuesday 2nd March, rain has  a session that was transformed into an opposition match against CS Don Bosco. An offensive comeback was reported in the group.

Before the downpour stopped the dress rehearsal on Tuesday, Joël-Freddy DJEDJE had opened the scoring, while the Salesians only equalized a few minutes later. For at least 60 minutes, the technical staff tried to set up their technical-tactical positions even though they wanted to juggle with all the cards in their possession for the 90 minutes they had hoped for.

To take some points in front of the South Africans, Pamphile MIHAYO will have to select players who are perfectly capable. A new player has come back into the squad since Monday, Chico USHINDI, who returned from the CAF Africa Cup of Nations sick. The striker has indeed resumed and has been evaluated during the opposition against the Salesians.

Due to illness, Godet MASENGO will not be ready on Saturday. The infirmary has a new resident: Isaac TSHIBANGU. The young man - injured against Lupopo - has undergone an ultrasound and is resting for appropriate care of his knee. The medical staff hope to recover both of them soon enough.

As for Joseph Benson OCHAYA, a Ugandan who came out at the beginning of the second half of the derby for an ankle injury, he has recovered and is feeling better. He is following an adapted post-injury programme.

It is this Wednesday at around 11am that the greening starts at the Futuka CEF. While Ravens will be retreating some 30 km away from the city, a 50-strong South African delegation will be in the process of disembarking in Lubumbashi.

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