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A derby with no fun in Kibassa


A derby with no fun in Kibassa

February 28, 2021

Lupopo-Mazembe on February 28, 2021 will remain the worst derby of the past five years! The Ravens forced their talent and offered the game but encountered the big physical impact and the provocation of the Railwaymen.

Pamphile's less aggressive men will pay the price by losing two players to injury due to the incomprehensible outpourings of referee Taylor BAMBISA.

A technique was not enough, even if the desire was in the Ravens' legs.  A draw that doesn't help the accounting situation.

Back on the Live Game

DERBY LUSHOIS: Match launched by  Viets at the Frédéric KIBASSA Stadium

1st On a loss of ball in midfield, the TPM is countered but Héritier KASONGO misses his crossing.

2nd The derby starts with pressure from both sides

3rd TPM response by Gondry SUDI, the winger strikes directly into the goal instead of crossing.

4th Gondry SUDI takes a stroke in a duel and remains on the ground, game stopped

6th SUDI speeds to the right and gets the first corner of the match. 0-0

8th The "yellow and blue" circulate the ball in the camp of the "black and white" and get a throw-in but a TPM block is very compact to destroy the opponents' assaults

10th Top Pressure by TSHIBANGU on the left, two handballs in a row played by MPUTU and OCHAYA. It ends in Yves MUKAWA's gloves. 0-0

17th Throw-in by Lupopo and MOKONZI tries the 20 meters. No worries for MOUNKORO

20th A great opportunity for Ravens. Back launched by SUDI and MPUTU. Trésor and Isaac stumble on the defense of the Cheminots. 0-0

22nd Lupopo's response. The Viets proceed by small passes and it ends with an unsupported shot by Joseph IKAMBA which is easily picked up by MOUNKORO

25th Yellow to MOHUTA for an illegal challenge on SUDI who was going very quickly

28th  Isaac TSHIBANGU remains on the ground for first aid. The injury would be serious but let's wait

30th TSHIBANGU, having just returned to the pitch, is the victim of another foul. Louison SEFU on Lupopo's right side is awarded a yellow card. 0-0

32nd The game is not getting excited. This derby is rather dull but muscular in the physical impact. Philippe KINZUMBI will take the place of Isaac TSHIBANGU who seems to be on one leg.

35th Game stopped! Trésor MPUTU and Christian KOUAME took voluntary knocks. Let's wait for the decision of the referee who is discussing with the two captains. 0-0

38th TSHIBANGU injured, leaves the pitch on a stretcher, KINZUMBI goes up. The referee seems to want to moderate the pressure in this derby

40th OCHAYA also takes a knock. MPUTU also takes a yellow for  drawing of a jersey

44th OCHAYA also injured

45th ISSAMA misses CHONGO's deep control. 4 minutes of additional time

HALF-TIME AT KENYA. FC Saint Eloi Lupopo 0, TP Mazembe 0

SECOND-HALF KICKED BY BALEKE. Joseph Benson OCHAYA, injured, is replaced by Arsène ZOLA                      

46th Gondry SUDI is already awarded yellow as soon as the match resumes

49th A delivery of ZOLA's head for MOUNKORO puts TPM goalkeeper in hardship. The international from Mali takes a sole to the left arm. He needs to be treated

53rd What a missed opportunity for  Ravens! MIKA throws ISSAMA to the right, the full-back puts a tight cross in front of the penalty spot. KOUAME misses on his own as he strikes. 0-0

65th Free kick of EBENGO flying over MOUNKORO crossbar

70th MPUTU and SUDI replaced by BOSSU and MAYOMBO

75th Etienne MAYOMBO penetrates the surface and tries to fix the collapsing winger and controls the ball with his hand. The referee does not flinch. 0-0

81st Double substitution for Bertin MAKI: Andy BOYELI for Jerry KAMBU and Ngandu ONYUMBE for Masini DIMBWA

82nd Ibrahim MOUNKORO comes out of a dive with a free kick from Ciel EBENGO at 25 meters

84th CHONGO is awarded yellow for advancing the ball a few centimeters on a free kick.

85th Philippe KINZUMBI puts the free-kick in the package Lupopo goalkeeper misses his save and a Cheminot header clears the ball away

90th A long ball from CHONGO lands in the area, BOSSU deflects for BALEKE who in turn lands on the goalkeeper.  Ravens claim a handball control as they pass. A defender on the ground blocked the ball with his hand

3 minutes of additional time

DERBY OVER Neither winner, nor loser, nor goal...



Yellow Cards:

- 25th Junior MOHUTA

- 30th Louison SEFU

- 40th Trésor MPUTU

- 46th Gondry SUDI

- 85th Kabaso CHONGO


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